Star Struck Style

goat-pic-two-webGoat (source: Global)

I discovered something interesting today.

At my new job, one of my duties is approving applications for financial assistance from refugees to Canada who want to join the YMCA. I noticed a disproportionate amount of applicants have January 1 listed as their birthday, so I did a little research to find out why entire families seemed to share the same date of birth on their official government documents. This article answered that question for me. Or did it?

Maybe the real reason that people use January 1 as a default birthday in these circumstances is that the Government of Canada secretly wants them to be Capricorns. Perhaps the people in power are facilitating this process because they know that our nation would benefit from having more Capricorn citizens. We just reelected a Capricorn Prime Minister, after all. It makes sense to believe that he’s in on…

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