Jon Snow (source:

Here’s a photo of Kit Harrington as Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones.” I know two things about this subject. First, I know the tagline for the show is “Winter is Coming.” Second, I know that Kit Harrington is a Capricorn. I haven’t seen a single episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Now that winter is actually coming, I might get the chance to binge-watch a few TV series that I haven’t seen before. It’s going to get cold in this part of Canada next week. With the winter weather finally arriving, I won’t be spending most of my free time doing yardwork. For that reason, I think I’m going to need a hobby.

I would be happy to return to some creative pursuits since I haven’t really had the urge to write much over the past several months. But I’m not sure that I can force the issue right now, and I’m pretty sure that my horoscope is telling me to focus upon the other rungs on the ladder to success. I’ve got the rest of my life to write a couple more books.

Still, I’m going to keep an open mind about my free time this winter. The truly oppressive planetary aspects that plagued my chart over much of the pandemic are behind me now. Despite the fact that I’ve got a Canadian winter ahead of me, I’m feeling quite bright, outgoing and optimistic — even on this consequential day with the planets turning our collective focus inward (including Mercury’s ingress into Scorpio, Jupiter’s return to Pisces and Mars’ station in Gemini).

I’ve got a lot of good things happening in the not-too-distant future. If they happen while the weather is cold, so be it. I was born in the dead of winter. I was made for this . . .

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