Here is a collage I made for the “HORRIBLE GEMINIS” thread on my Twitter page. These are just a few of the members of this illustrious club that also includes such luminaries as Kanye West and Laura Ingraham.

Anyway, the eclipse on Tuesday had a lot of these lying, two-faced assholes behaving even more dishonestly than ever before. I can’t believe how many of them have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week.

That probably isn’t going to change when Mars goes retrograde in their sign in a few days. The red planet will spend its entire retrograde cycle in Gemini starting this Sunday, October 30 and ending on January 12, 2023. Mars will not exit the retrograde “shadow” it entered in early September until mid-March. For many of Geminis, including the American politicians in the photo above, it will be nearly impossible for them to not sound like broken records throughout this long stretch.

A Mars retrograde in your sign can make you feel as if the arguments that you are making aren’t getting you any further ahead. However, it can also make your feel as if you need to keep making those arguments over and over again. The same thing can be said about a Mars retrograde in the first or third house of your individual horoscope.

On a personal note, Mars’ retrograde is going to occur in two houses of my horoscope. The planet will backtrack from my ninth house to my eighth house during this retrograde cycle. I can probably expect some Karmic retribution when it moves into my eighth house. With the planet in Gemini, I probably want to be sure that I’m not gossiping too much because I can see my words coming back to haunt me in a couple of months. On the bright side, Mars is not personalized in my chart and I don’t feel the so-called “malefic” effects of the planet as acutely as many other individuals.

For the rest of you, a Mars retrograde cycle in Gemini can augur tension in communications and miscommunication in general. Don’t read into the “tone” of an email, for instance, when the substance is perfectly clear. Jumping to conclusions about the motives of others will be a big problem during this time. However, you can probably assume the worst when you are communicating with Gemini natives over the next few months. If their lips are moving, they are probably lying.

I’m kidding, sort of . . .

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