Star Struck Style

Suzy Parker (source: Condé Nast Store)

October 28 is Suzy Parker’s birthday.

I can’t recall discussing Suzy Parker’s chart before. In fact, when I looked it up, I didn’t see anything I expected to see. I thought that I was going to discover a Sagittarius Mercury and Venus to go along with her Scorpio sun — maybe even a fiery moon sign. What I found was a chart with no obvious “highlights” to grab my attention and no birth time to put everything into the context of the twelve houses.

Suzy Parker was a beautiful woman. She was tall, strapping and robust, with bright red hair and pale green eyes. For the most part, she photographed like most great models photograph, appearing to be whomever the photographer wanted her to be. Yet I don’t get Scorpio vibes from her at all. The photograph I posted above is one of…

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