Star Struck Style

Roy-Lichtenstein-Woman-With-Flowered-Hat-1963-detailWoman with Flowered Hat by Roy Lichtenstein (source: Widewalls)

October 27 is Roy Lichtenstein’s birthday.

Just a moment ago, I read this passage on the Wikipedia page for “Woman with Flowered Hat” that makes me believe that I “get” Roy Lichtenstein:

Lichtenstein painted Woman with Flowered Hat when he was pastiching various types of sources, including commercial illustrations, comic imagery and modernist masterpieces. The masterpieces represented what could have been dubbed the “canon” of art and was thought of as “high art,” while the “low-art” subject matter included comic strip images. His masterworks sources included the likes of Cézanne, Mondrian and Picasso. During this time in his career, Lichtenstein noted that “the things that I have apparently parodied I actually admire.”

I can’t remember when I didn’t make fun of the things I like, both high and low. It’s been a recurring theme throughout my life, and anyone who knows me can attest…

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