Star Struck Style

hillary-clinton-abc-ml-170913_4x3_992Hillary Rodham Clinton (source: ABC News)

October 26 is Hillary Rodham Clinton’s birthday.

First of all, I am not an American. I may have an opinion regarding American politics at the moment, but that shouldn’t matter to anyone. I don’t live in the USA, I don’t vote in the USA, and I really can’t feel that much compassion towards Americans at the moment as I watch them eat each other alive. So if you have a comment about this post that has something to do with anything besides fashion and astrology, keep it to yourself. I won’t post it.

However, I am an astrologer who sometimes notices the weirdest things in people’s charts. For instance, I had never looked up Hillary Clinton’s chart until just a moment ago. I wasn’t that surprised that both Mercury and Venus are positioned in Scorpio along with her sun, but I was surprised…

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