I published this post about the Scorpio new moon three years ago. I’m working at the same place, but in a new position that pays a ton more than what I was making back then. I put my best foot forward and it all paid off. On this new moon day, I’m going to resolve to continue upon this path.

Star Struck Style

mephisto-paddy-black-212180-1Mephisto Paddy (source: carrepointu.com)

Back in July, I bought a pair of these boots to walk back and forth to the gym in the cold weather. Little did I know, I would soon be starting a full-time job there. Starting next week, I’ll be a salaried employee of the same gym where I’ve been leading fitness classes for almost thirty years.

It’s a big change, but also a welcome change. I took on a part-time job there a few weeks ago because I believed that it wouldn’t be long before something else would come along. I guess I’m doing a good job because it took no time at all for me to be offered a better position.

Curiously, my full-time status becomes active on Monday. On Sunday night in this part of the world, the new moon in Scorpio arrives in my first house. “Cafe Astrology” defines the event…

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