Carol Burnett & Cher (source: Purple Clover)

I love having weird dreams that leave me scratching my head when I try to interpret their meaning the morning after. My absolute favorites are the dreams with special guest stars. Last night, for instance, I was delighted to be awoken by the sheer fabulousness of having both Cher and Carol Burnett appear in my dream.

All I really remember is that I was finding a seat for Cher in the restaurant in which I was working (which looked nothing like any restaurant where I’ve worked in the past). I pointed out two seats that I thought that she might like, and then Cher asked me if she could sit at a different table. I showed her to the table she had indicated and seated her next to Carol Burnett. I then proceeded to ask them if they knew each other while informing the pair that they shared the same zodiac sign: Taurus.

I woke up moments after that — probably from the excitement of meeting Cher and Carol Burnett at the same time! The funny thing is that the one part of the dream that stuck with me while I attempted to get back to sleep was the part about them both being being born under the sign of the bull.

Now I’m left wondering what that possibly means. It probably means nothing, like most of my dreams, but it was so strange! Somewhere in the back of my mind I likely remembered that these two women appeared on each other’s variety shows back in the seventies when I used to watch them, so why was I introducing them? And why was their zodiac sign featured so prominently in my dream?

If anyone has a guess as to what this all means, please let me know.

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