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Back in July, I bought a pair of these boots to walk back and forth to the gym in the cold weather. Little did I know, I would soon be starting a full-time job there. Starting next week, I’ll be a salaried employee of the same gym where I’ve been leading fitness classes for almost thirty years.

It’s a big change, but also a welcome change. I took on a part-time job there a few weeks ago because I believed that it wouldn’t be long before something else would come along. I guess I’m doing a good job because it took no time at all for me to be offered a better position.

Curiously, my full-time status becomes active on Monday. On Sunday night in this part of the world, the new moon in Scorpio arrives in my first house. “Cafe Astrology” defines the event like this:

“This New Moon placement is a powerful one — it’s a time to reinvent yourself in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself. This is a personally busy time of year, when you feel energetic and enthusiastic. Think about how you present yourself to others, focus on changing personal habits in such a way as to improve your confidence in yourself, and concentrate on putting your best foot forward, as this is a time when you will get noticed and make a personal impression on others. However, factor in the importance of authenticity in your presentation of yourself. You do not have to, of course, reveal all of yourself to others, but the sign of Aries associated with the first house reminds us of the importance of acting on our impulses and believing in ourselves. This is a time when you can be brave and enjoy new experiences.”

I really don’t think that I have to worry about putting my “best foot forward,” because I am already highly-regarded at the gym by staff and members alike. Plus, my footwear wardrobe is spectacular! Nevertheless, I’m more focused upon the part of this forecast that implores me to “be brave and enjoy new experiences.” With the new moon opposing Uranus in Taurus, and the sun, moon and Uranus all forming harmonious aspects with my natal moon, I should be on solid footing when it comes to making such a big change in my life.

I can be a creature of habit. For that reason, it can be a big deal for me to do anything to change up my routine. Simple alterations to my schedule can throw me for a loop. But I’m going to resolve to embrace this one and enjoy the benefits of having a job with benefits and the other things that I have never been able to take for granted, like earned days off and paid vacations.

So, I’m going to take the advice of “Cafe Astrology” and look at this as a time for reinvention. I’ll start by breaking out my new boots since winter rolled into town last night. The timing of this could not have been more perfect, right?

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    I published this post about the Scorpio new moon three years ago. I’m working at the same place, but in a new position that pays a ton more than what I was making back then. I put my best foot forward and it all paid off. On this new moon day, I’m going to resolve to continue upon this path.


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