Donald Trump & Marla Maples (source: Vanity Fair)

October 27 is Marla Maples’ birthday.

I don’t know what to think about Marla Maples. I remember watching her on “Dancing with the Stars” and thinking that she wasn’t so bad. But I also remember that she was married to Donald Trump. Gross! What kind of woman would sleep with that thing?

Looking at her natal chart, I answered my own question. Marla Maples has a tenth-house sun, just like Donald Trump. It’s a status-conscious position — something I’m not surprised to see in the chart of a con man who has made a living out of over-inflating his worth, or in the chart of one of his gold-digging wives.

That’s not to say that everyone with a tenth-house sun is going to be a money-grubbing career criminal or a whore who would sell her snatch to the highest bidder. A quick search on astrotheme.com shows that Bernie Sanders has a tenth house sun. It also shows that Osama Bin Laden, Pablo Escobar and Jeff Bezos share the same position, too. It’s complicated!

Relationships with money and power are often complicated. Still, you can look to particular indicators in a natal chart to understand someone’s relationship with the almighty dollar. But status itself is more-closely connected with the tenth house than money. Tenth-house planets are more likely to reveal where people find their worth rather than the physical things that they value. People born with the sun in the tenth house are often trying to find a way to the top — whatever that means to them. It indicates a kind of ambition that most of us cannot understand because most of us place limits on what we would do to get into a position of power.

It makes me glad that I have a third house sun, like Stormy Daniels . . .

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