Mia Farrow in “See No Evil” (source: YouTube)

Something is up with me lately. Everywhere I go, I am repulsed by the ugliness of people. Maybe it has something to do with my Libra rising sign and the fact that both the sun and Venus are currently located in my first house. It is as if I want everything in my immediate environment to beautiful and harmonious, and I resent anyone and anything that infringes upon my desires. I can’t really find another astrological explanation.

Typically, I can scroll through Twitter without allowing the trolls and bots to get to me. Over the last several days, however, I barely make through a few posts before I simply exit the app. I often leave the TV on MSNBC while I’m doing chores around the house, but yesterday I had to turn it off because the commentary was so egregious. The passive/aggressive bullshit of intellectually dishonest people is driving me crazy.

I’ve felt like this before, but I’ve attributed my insularity and disdain for others to another sector of my chart. In fact, I’ve blogged frequently about the effect of having so many planets transiting through my fourth house and how that made me feel like sticking my head in the sand. Perhaps Saturn’s last stand in my fourth house is exacerbating the issue (the planet turns direct in a couple of days). Having Mercury in my twelfth house probably isn’t helping, either.

Whatever the reason, I don’t like feeling this way. I’m not a misanthropic person, and I honestly feel terrible when can’t see the good in everyone. On the bright side, I usually snap out of these “moods” after a while. While I don’t mind being left to my own devices, I’m a better person when I attempt to be personable. I can even be persuasive as I try to sway people to my point of view. That doesn’t happen, though, when I adopt this “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” modus operandi. I can’t convince anyone of anything when I’m ignoring them completely.

Within the next few days, both the sun and Venus will enter Scorpio, followed by a new moon in that sign. Along with Saturn’s return to direct motion, those changes in the cosmos should also help to change my current state of mind.

Soon . . .

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