I wrote this a while ago, but it’s on my mind again today. I’m just a little over four months away from Saturn’s shift and I can’t fucking wait!

Star Struck Style

Whitney Houston (source: Billboard)

I was just looking at my chart, wondering when Saturn would be leaving my fourth house and entering my fifth. The event happens in about thirteen months from now, and — lucky for me — the ringed planet will not reenter my fourth house again during its subsequent retrograde cycle in 2023.

I’m quite eager to enter this new phase, even if it doesn’t happen for more than a year. I’m not only feeling stuck inside my house lately, but I’m also feeling stuck inside my head. “Café Astrology” alludes to my current condition in its interpretation of the transit:

“The transit of Saturn to the fourth house marks a time of considerable inner ‘re-working’. In terms of outward signs of achievement, this transit may be the most unremarkable of all the Saturn transits.

However, near the end of the transit, and certainly later than…

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