Dame Edna (source: laeyeworks.com)

I bought some new glasses yesterday.

The funny thing about that is that I knew I was going to buy new glasses yesterday. I had picked out the day using astrology because I wanted to be sure that whatever I bought was going to be a true reflection of my sense of style. I waited until both the sun and Venus were in Libra and in my first house. The two planets will be traveling in tandem through that part of my chart for the next several days. I also wanted to be sure that Mercury was no longer retrograde (or even stationary) in my twelfth house, and I waited for the moon to conjoin my midheaven from the tenth house before I made my decision. I wanted to be sure that I was going to cultivate all those “parts” of my astrological personality that make me who I am.

What was really interesting to me is that I bought plastic frames. I’ve wanted a pair of plastic frames forever. However, they usually have narrow bridges that sit up too high on my nose. I don’t like the way that my eyebrows look when that happens. When I put on the pair I ended up buying, it was as if I discovered what I had been searching for since I first got glasses more than a decade ago. Curiously, the first house rules over Aries: the sign that happens to correspond to the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows.

Anyway, for the next week or two, it’s a good time to see where the sun and Venus are traveling through your chart. When the planet of self-expression meets the planet of good taste, you might also find yourself doing things to make yourself more beautiful and more stylish (like me or Dame Edna). In fact, the next couple of days might be the best time of the entire year to know yourself and to know what flatters you. Count your cosmic blessings and don’t waste this opportunity.

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