Star Struck Style

Donald Trump & Lesley Stahl (source: The Washington Times)

It’s not Lesley Stahl’s birthday today, but I couldn’t wait to discuss her on this blog after I looked up her natal chart.

I’ve been comparing myself to a lot of celebrities who really, really, really hate Donald Trump lately. I’ve also been bringing attention to particular astrological configurations that I see recurring in the charts of well-known Trump haters, like all the Libra women with their natal moons in Aries that I’ve discussed recently. After I saw that Donald Trump is having a conniption on Twitter about his upcoming interview with Lesley Stahl for “60 Minutes,” I pulled up her chart on

Wow! The two of us are so much alike, astrologically speaking.

Lesley has a Sagittarius sun (mine is in Capricorn), but it is alongside Mercury in Sagittarius in her third house (using the Placidus house system…

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