Taylor Hale (source: Newsweek)

Taylor Hale, my fellow Capricorn, won “Big Brother 24” last night.

You wouldn’t know it by clicking the “Newsweek” link above titled “Fans Divided As Season 24 Winner is Crowned,” but Taylor also became the first winner in “Big Brother” history to also be crowned “Fan Favorite.” If you go poking around the internet, you’ll probably also find another article by the reporter whose byline is on that story entitled “Puppies and Kittens: Not Everyone is a Fan.”

Bad journalism aside, I didn’t even have to look up Taylor’s sign because I read a Tweet after the season premiere from Janelle Pierzina stating that Taylor was giving Janelle “Capricorn energy.” Fans confirmed Taylor’s date of birth in the comments. Of course, Janelle is a Capricorn, too.

Taylor’s journey to the top was a typical Capricorn comeback story. She was maligned by a fellow houseguest who was soon removed from the house because she was too mentally unstable to remain in the game. Taylor’s recovery from that episode was slow and steady in true Capricorn style. Because she had already been on the block once, she became the easy “pawn” anytime anyone needed to fill a spot on the hot seat.

I’d probably play a similar game to Taylor if I were to be cast on the show. I’m snobby and self-assured, and I’m sure that because I’m not terribly emotionally-demonstrative, I’d be misunderstood by my housemates. However, I’d probably be better at winning competitions than Taylor. I’m not sure that I would be as adept at building bridges, though. Taylor has a “forgive and forget” Sagittarius moon. Mine is in Cancer. As the saying goes, I never forgive a slight. I hold onto things forever, even when my Libra rising sign makes it appear that I have moved on.

Nevertheless, I should probably try to get cast on “Big Brother Canada” again. Taylor has inspired me. I could be the next trailblazer on the show since no one old has ever been a real contender on the Canadian version of the show. Maybe I need to visit the casting site again. Stay tuned for updates . . .

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