Defense (source: CNBC)

Yesterday’s opposition between the sun and Jupiter was almost exactly square my natal moon. Circumstances put me in a spot where I was forced to defend myself and the people who answer to me at work. However, in the aftermath of the episode, I was left wondering if I should continue to prove myself right, or if I should just back off and save my energy for another day.

I’m still not sure that I can do the latter, but I’m going to try. This is one of those times that I would probably be better off by learning to “choose my battles.” I won’t gain anything by winning this argument except for some new enemies.

I guess that I should be glad that Venus has joined the sun in my twelfth house where I’m more likely to defer to others. It’s not in my nature to let anyone walk all over me, but the only thing at stake here is my ego. Perhaps I would be feeling different if those planets were in my first house.

I should thank the heavens that they aren’t. I don’t need to start a war just a couple of weeks after starting my new job . . .

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