“Venus and Mercury” by Pierre-Jacques Cazes (source: Wikimedia)

Just the other day, I published a post where I discussed how the specific arrangement of inner planets seems to be something that can help me to predict my behavior. For instance, when the sun, Mercury and Venus are all bunched up in a single house of my horoscope, I tend to get hyper-focused — a state of being which is not normal for me. I believe that I’m at my best when these three planets are spread out in the sky and I’m acting like my usual Jack-of-all-trades self.

Anyway, tomorrow’s astrological events are going to offer me an opportunity to evaluate what happens when Venus and retrograde Mercury switch house placements within a few hours of conjoining one another. Venus moves into my twelfth house at 9:39 AM, followed by a conjunction with Mercury just a minute before noon. Shortly after that, Mercury slips back into my eleventh house at 3:23 PM.

This is the sort of day where I’m going to wake up feeling one way, and I’m going to go to bed feeling another way. I want to pay attention to my prevailing mood so that I can see if I really notice a difference. My first week at work in my new position had me reaching out to many of my coworkers to let them know that I was eager to create a more harmonious environment for all of us. I imagine that I might appear to be backing away from this plan while Venus transits my twelfth house, focusing on what I can do in the background in order to actually execute my mission. With Mercury moving back into my eleventh house, I could be using my social skills in order to distract my peers from my attempts to actually force changes to the current management structure.

Or it could work out in a completely different manner that will enlighten me about how these particular planets work together — and apart!

Whatever happens, this unique event should provide me with the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing “diary” that this blog has become. Paying attention to the little dance both Mercury and Venus perform around the sun is making me a better astrologer every day, and recording my observations for posterity is probably contributing something to the “art” of astrology. Just like moon cycles, the meet-ups and subsequent separations of these two planets are easy to track and quick to reveal their effects. I’ll never understand why other stargazers don’t pay attention to them.

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