Star Struck Style

OBAMA-KENYA-KOGELOBarack Obama (source: Quartz)

August 4 is Barack Obama’s birthday.

I like Barack Obama. I wasn’t really into American politics so much during his presidency because I’m not American, and his Presidency wasn’t like watching an outhouse on fire. From the outside looking in, he was a dignified, benevolent ruler — just like a Leo should be.

Of course, there are going to be people who believe that he was the worst thing ever to happen to America. Those people can find another blog to read. Right now, somewhere on WordPress someone is discussing how much white Jesus loves guns.

Anyway, I was surprised to discover that Obama has an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter in his natal chart. I have the same aspect in my chart. Mine is personalized with the planets not only in mutual reception but also in the houses they rule over (Mercury in the third:…

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