Mercury entered Virgo again this morning, and I just can’t fill my agenda quickly enough!

Star Struck Style

Things to Do (source: Success)

I didn’t write a blog post yesterday. I didn’t even re-blog an old post. The reason for that? I was compelled to get into my yard to catch up on my gardening. I was outside for five hours just deadheading flowers, pulling weeds and tidying up the edges of my lawn.

I suppose it was Mercury’s ingress into Virgo that commanded me to get out of my house and catch up on my yardwork. With the planet moving into the sign over which it rules, I suddenly had to get everything into order.

That orderliness has been a theme to my life since my progressed Mercury entered my sixth house a while ago (something I’ve written about extensively on this blog). I’ve become the opposite of a procrastinator. My “things to do” list is typically empty by the end of each day because I’ve…

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