Venus enters my tenth tomorrow morning. Curiously, the job that I going to apply for just got posted yesterday afternoon. The stars are on my side!

Star Struck Style

Working Girl (source: Gothamist)

Venus enters my tenth house this morning where it will remain for the month of September.

As a Capricorn with Libra rising, a Venus transit through my tenth house is a place of comfort for me. Even though the planet doesn’t actually move there for a couple of hours, I’m already feeling “comfortable” vibes. I love September! I’ve got the most wonderful collection of outerwear that I haven’t pulled out of the closet in months. I want to put on a leather jacket and walk around without feeling sweat running down my back. I want to get a mochaccino and walk around the mall without dodging a bunch of back-to-school shoppers. I want to wear giant plastic earrings and tease my hair until it reaches to the moon. Okay, maybe not that last part . . .

Anyway, “Cafe Astrology,” a website I often cite…

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