Barack Obama (source: Quartz)

August 4 is Barack Obama’s birthday.

I like Barack Obama. I wasn’t really into American politics so much during his presidency because I’m not American, and his Presidency wasn’t like watching an outhouse on fire. From the outside looking in, he was a dignified, benevolent ruler — just like a Leo should be.

Of course, there are going to be people who believe that he was the worst thing ever to happen to America. Those people can find another blog to read. Right now, somewhere on WordPress someone is discussing how much white Jesus loves guns.

Anyway, I was surprised to discover that Obama has an opposition between Mercury and Jupiter in his natal chart. I have the same aspect in my chart. Mine is personalized with the planets not only in mutual reception but also in the houses they rule over (Mercury in the third: Jupiter in the ninth). Obama’s opposition, on the other hand, has Mercury in Leo across from Jupiter in Aquarius from the sixth house to the twelfth house. In both cases, Jupiter is retrograde.

Now I’m not sure what to make of this revelation. I’ve been taught to treat my Mercury/Jupiter opposition as a conjunction because of the mutual reception that occurs between the two planets. Years ago, I remember reading what an opposition meant and thinking that it did not describe me at all. I feel the same way, however, when I look at the aspect in Obama’s chart. Here’s what Cafe Astrology has to say about it:

You love to express your ideas, sharing them with others quite readily. Jumping to conclusions can be a problem in your life. You often overlook details, preferring to discover the “big picture” quickly. Your thinking and studying habits are not always orderly or disciplined, and this can of course result in sloppiness. Especially with the opposition, you might vacillate between logical, precise thinking and an optimistic conclusion-drawing bent of mind, and in the process, it can be challenging for you to truly get to the heart of a subject or to focus for very long. You may confuse others with a critical flaw-finding conversation one moment, and an overly faithful and unrealistic opinion the next.

While your intentions are generally good, you might overestimate what you are capable of, and promise more than you can deliver. Be careful not to develop a reputation for being unreliable, simply because you desire to make others happy with what you say or promise.

You are inclined to exaggerate, often without meaning to, and you might have a hard time putting your ideas into practice. In an attempt to attach greater meaning to your thoughts and ideas, you might frequently overstate or overestimate. You can be extraordinarily funny and interesting.

You possess an acute but disorderly mind; you can come to rapid conclusions without knowing all the facts. You must learn to be more disciplined, to concentrate more on details and to be more persistent with your projects. You are very generous and optimistic though your optimism can sometimes distance you from reality.

I don’t believe that describes Obama at all, besides the “funny and interesting” and the “generous and optimistic” parts. A man who was the President of the “Harvard Law Review” probably doesn’t have an undisciplined mind. I’m sure that his critics would probably tell me that this interpretation explains everything. Still, I’m not convinced.

What I do believe is that this aspect in both my chart and Obama’s chart endows us with the kind of optimism that makes us want to do good things. I don’t believe that Donald Trump cares if he does good things. He’s a narcissist. He only does what serves his own interests, almost always to the detriment of others.

This revelation is going to make me look at this hard aspect between these two planets differently in the future. I’d love to hear what my astrologer friends on social media have to say about this subject.

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