*** Local Caption *** They Live, , John Carpenter, USA, 1988, V'16, Spielfilme
“They Live” (source: The Horror Syndicate)

I’ve got a lot going on in my chart right now. The sun is opposite my natal Mars (as I discussed here yesterday). Venus, the ruler of my ascendant, moves into my twelfth house this morning. The sun opposes my natal Venus on Sunday. And Saturn is in opposition to my natal moon.

The latter aspect will be the most enduring of the bunch. Saturn is slowing down and within a degree of its September station. It’s essentially hovering in the sky across from my natal moon.

Now I’m a Saturn-ruled Capricorn with my natal moon in Cancer. Just like Venus, these personalized planets should be more significant in their transits than the others. While the sun’s opposition to Mars should be making me want to pick a fight with someone, I’m not feeling particularly hostile at the moment. But I am feeling strangely content with my current situation.

The thing that I don’t understand is why I’m feeling content because my current situation is no big whoop. I’m broke, underemployed and not all that ambitious lately. On the bright side, I feel good physically and I’ve been sleeping like I’m dead. I’ve also lost a few pounds.

Still, my astro.com horoscopes describes this Saturn aspect as an “alienation crisis.” I don’t know if I’m feeling alienated as much as I’m feeling disconnected from anyone else’s expectations of me. To be honest, that feeling is liberating and good for my soul. I wish that I felt this way all the time.

I don’t care if I stand out like the guy in the photo above. In fact, I could get used to this alien state of mind. It’s going to last through October, so I’d better enjoy it while I can.

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