Sydney Omarr (source:

August 5 is Sydney Omarr’s birthday. Sorry for the terrible photo, but it seems as if Mr. Omarr was no fan of cameras.

Yesterday, I hijacked Barack Obama’s birthday chart by discussing what I have in common with the former President of the United States of America. Today, I’m going to discuss what I have in common with Sydney Omarr.

Omarr was the first astrologer I followed. I would read his daily syndicated horoscopes in the newspaper. I became intrigued with his special “birthday” readings because they described me quite well. I started buying his books in the eighties. The rest is history. I wanted to be a sun-sign astrologer for the mass market, not some doofus dithering away in obscurity.

Omarr and I not only share our fondness for popular astrology, but we also took some journalism in school and worked as writers/correspondents in fields other than astrology. Still, we returned to the subject by writing books and widely-distributed horoscopes. Of course, he was infinitely more successful than me, although I did have a good run for a few years, working for prestigious titles and publishing a book with a major American publishing house.

Our natal charts have some odd similarities. Our rising signs are the same with less than two degrees between our ascendants. Our Cancer moons are elevated in the ninth house. We both have planets widely distributed throughout our charts. Omarr’s chart is more fixed than my heavily cardinal chart, but Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn all share the same elemental placements.

We’re not astro twins by any means, but we do share a lot. The odds of us having the same moon and rising signs are roughly 144 to 1. That’s very interesting to me.

We also share something that I noticed years and years ago before I ever became a professional writer. Omarr had a style all his own. I have a distinct voice when I write, too, and it’s been the thing that has got me jobs. One of the greatest assets a writer can have is a voice that makes them stand out above all the noise. Despite my underemployment and lack of success in the moment, I still believe that my ticket to fame and fortune is being able to write a paragraph that lets everyone know exactly who I am. It’s a talent I possess in spades, and I’ll be the first person to tell you how talented I am! It’s surprising that I’m not a Leo, too, right?

Anyway, I’m glad that I looked up Sydney Omarr’s chart because I’ve been feeling a little directionless lately. I had no idea that my old idol and I have so much in common. Now I just need to focus my energy on becoming as rich as he was.


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