Star Struck Style

Omarr-webSydney Omarr (source:

August 5 is Sydney Omarr’s birthday. Sorry for the terrible photo, but it seems as if Mr. Omarr was no fan of cameras.

Yesterday, I hijacked Barack Obama’s birthday chart by discussing what I have in common with the former President of the United States of America. Today, I’m going to discuss what I have in common with Sydney Omarr.

Omarr was the first astrologer I followed. I would read his daily syndicated horoscopes in the newspaper. I became intrigued with his special “birthday” readings because they described me quite well. I started buying his books in the eighties. The rest is history. I wanted to be a sun-sign astrologer for the mass market, not some doofus dithering away in obscurity.

Omarr and I not only share our fondness for popular astrology, but we also took some journalism in school and worked as writers/correspondents in…

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