I made this prediction two years ago. Since then, Berluti has made a complete 180° turn with its marketing strategy. Change is afoot.

Star Struck Style

Berluti_Abribus_Digital_2018_ABerluti (source: Berluti)

I’ve made a lot of predictions about where fashion is headed on this blog. One of the big ones involves an imminent backlash against capitalism that will mirror the Grunge era of the early nineties — a time when several planets formed a stellium in Capricorn similar to what is happening today. I’ve also admitted that I would have seen this generational trend coming whether or not I looked to the stars.

One of the signs of the upcoming shift in spending is evident in the ridiculousness of the recent Berluti campaigns. I haven’t seen anything so out-of-touch with reality since the Versace campaigns of the mid nineties. I know that people romanticize Gianni Versace, but when his business started to falter, it became sort of a joke. The reason Nomi Malone visited the “Versayce” store in “Showgirls” was because that was where the tacky people…

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