Star Struck Style

c6d24e1ab3732e23542c9b67590e9f1ab0-8-Jason-Statham.rsquare.w1200Jason Statham (source: Vulture)

July 26 is Jason Statham’s birthday.

I haven’t seen a lot of Jason Statham’s movies, but I have noticed that the two of us have something in common besides our shaved heads. He takes good care of his skin. It looks very healthy in close-ups, and not nearly as weathered as the complexions of many of his similarly-aged counterparts. Even though I don’t avoid the sun as much as I should, I try pretty hard to not look like an old baseball glove. I’m eighteen months older than Jason Statham, but I believe I look just as good — especially compared to most guys my age.

I had a look at his natal chart to see if anything there caught my eye, but doesn’t list a time of birth. That’s unfortunate because the moon switched signs just after noon on the day he was…

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