2 Unlimited — Get Ready for This (source: YouTube)

Mars and Uranus meet up with the north node late this weekend.

Many astrologers are predicting that something cataclysmic will happen during this rare cosmic event. I’m not entirely sold on its significance, but I can see disruptions occurring. With this conjunction happening in Taurus, I expect the energy around this event to be expressed as a “breaking point.” I like to envision the archetypal Taurus bull not as a bull, but as a cow in a field. Now if you approach that cow from behind and start poking it with a stick, it probably isn’t going to do anything. However, if you keep poking it, eventually it’s going to kick you so hard that you’ll be forced to stop.

That “one swift kick” is how the energy of this event should play out. I suppose you could compare it to a dam breaking, a volcano erupting, or even the tectonic plates shifting. A conjunction between Mars and Uranus should theoretically usher in sudden, unexpected events that may even be described as “violent.” When those planets meet with the nodal axis, there is a connection to fate that can make those events seem as if we all should have seen them coming.

Bad things happen all the time, so I hope that there are not a lot of astrological post-mortems published next week that relate anything that went wrong to this rare alignment. Still, I will go out of my way to predict that my fellow stargazers won’t be able to help themselves.

I also will make a prediction. This event is forming a near-exact trine/sextile with my Pluto/Chiron opposition. For anyone born in my generation, there will be a very personal connection with this triple conjunction and its favorable alignment to our natal planets. At first glance, this event may seem unrelated to way that our lives will play out, but it’s going to have a major effect, like a natural disaster or a political assassination on the other side of the globe. Somehow, those events cause ripples that are eventually felt all around the world. Perhaps I’ll be the one writing a post-mortem in a couple of months when I connect the dots between July 31/August 1 and whatever results from this occurrence, or maybe I’ll recognize it right away. Stranger things have happened!

Anyway, something big is on the horizon, especially for me and anyone else born in late ’65 and early ’66. Get ready for this!

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