Jupiter (source: Wikimedia)

Jupiter turns retrograde this afternoon.

I’m actually looking forward to this Jupiter retrograde which will be occurring entirely within my sixth house. Since Jupiter moved into that part of my chart, I’ve been working hard at my place of work to reshape the way the organization runs in a manner that makes me happy to work there. That might sound vain to anyone who doesn’t know me, but I really do bring order to chaos. It’s in my nature to make my professional environment a place where everyone feels glad to come to work.

This retrograde phase will give me a chance to step back to see how my efforts have worked out. I’ve got a new manager and she seems to appreciate all I do. We had a meeting the other day where I admitted to her that my favorite phrase to describe my professional style is “I’m not the boss. I’m just bossy.” I’m really not that bossy, but I do tell people what to do when they need to hear it. What’s more important is that they listen to me. I command respect amongst my co-workers.

But with Jupiter turning retrograde in bossy Aries, maybe this is a time for me to step back and allow the people who get paid more than me to do their own jobs. And when Jupiter slips back into Pisces for brief period in October, it will actually backtrack over the same degrees it occupied earlier this year when I actually sat down with my supervisor’s superiors to let them know that I wasn’t happy with the status quo. That event was ultimately productive. Hopefully, revisiting it again in autumn — astrologically speaking — will be even more productive. I hear rumblings around my workplace the entire management structure is about to change.

Anyway, that’s all speculation right now, but it’s speculation based upon having the planet of abundance transiting the sector of my horoscope that is associated with my workplace and my day-to-day routine. I’d be a fool to dismiss the connection between Jupiter’s ingress into my sixth house (and the sign of Aries) and the satisfaction I’ve had with my current circumstances as compared to the dissatisfaction I experienced with my job earlier this year. I’m optimistic about this retrograde phase.

Where is Jupiter’s retrograde happening in your chart? How do you see things working out for you? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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