Chiron (source: Wikipedia)

Transiting Uranus forms an exact sextile with my natal Chiron today. Because Uranus moves so slowly, this configuration is going to be affecting my chart for months to come.

I was born during a Uranus/Pluto conjunction that opposed Chiron. This aspect is a hallmark of my generation. Nevertheless, only Uranus is truly personalized in my horoscope by its placement in the eleventh house. For that reason, I have spent a lot of my life tracking Uranus transits. This particular aspect intrigues me because I can feel exactly what is happening to me. The interpretation of the event reads as follows:

“This influence will cause you to imperceptively give up some of your old and outdated patterns of defensive behavior. You will now find it easier to overcome things which have been the cause of great concern or fear in the past. Your open and conciliatory attitude might now make you want to settle problems existing in one of your relationships. We often find it difficult to forgive those who have hurt us in some way, but if we can, this enables us to create an inner peace which can help us to deal more calmly with the challenges of everyday life. This in turn makes us more receptive for any positive messages between the lines which often remain unnoticed.

Although this influence does not usually cause spectacular events, you should nevertheless be careful not to let favorable opportunities slip by. This influence can help to promote positive changes in many areas of your life, but especially where you have suffered from feelings of incompetence or experienced great difficulty. You will feel more in tune with many different aspects of your personality, helping you to see problems in a less critical light. Although hardship can make us more mature, it can also be a clear sign that we are devoting our energy to things which are hindering rather than helping our spiritual growth. You may now find it easier to let go of such things, which will allow you to be more at peace with yourself.”

What truly fascinates me about this period of my life is that I finally feel as if I’ve learned to stop self-sabotaging myself with “defensive behavior.” Not only that, I do have a track record of doing things that make me feel better about myself in the short-term while avoiding the harm that those things will do to me in the long term. For the first time in my life, I feel as if I’ve left a lot of those things behind. Without going into detail about every addictive indulgence I’ve allowed myself in the past, I will say that I currently feel “at peace” with myself because I’m not allowing myself to engage in numerous activities that are counterproductive to my success.

It dawned on me yesterday that I’m no longer doing any of the things that really fuck up my life and wreak havoc on my psyche. It only took fifty-six years to get to this point in my life, but I suppose it’s better late than never. It makes me think about the friends I lost along the way and how they were never able manage their addictive and/or self-sabotaging behavior.

Anyway, I’m feeling terrific lately — as if I’ve waited my entire life to get to this point. Like Chiron, I’m getting wiser every day. It’s lucky for me that I’m still around to truly enjoy this part of my life.

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  1. I just had to reply to this. I could have written this (except for house placement, mine’s in 8, and age, I’m 58) this is me today 😅
    I even googled the transit because I couldn’t access it on because I’m not subscribed. So you even gave me their interpretation! Thank you 🙏 soulmate. I wish you everything good this transit will bring us all. Much love 💚

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