Jason Statham (source: Vulture)

July 26 is Jason Statham’s birthday.

I haven’t seen a lot of Jason Statham’s movies, but I have noticed that the two of us have something in common besides our shaved heads. He takes good care of his skin. It looks very healthy in close-ups, and not nearly as weathered as the complexions of many of his similarly-aged counterparts. Even though I don’t avoid the sun as much as I should, I try pretty hard to not look like an old baseball glove. I’m eighteen months older than Jason Statham, but I believe I look just as good — especially compared to most guys my age.

I had a look at his natal chart to see if anything there caught my eye, but astro.com doesn’t list a time of birth. That’s unfortunate because the moon switched signs just after noon on the day he was born. I can’t ascertain a moon sign or a rising sign for the actor, so there isn’t much to talk about in terms of his horoscope.

However, I did notice that he has Mercury one sign behind the sun, and Venus one sign ahead of the sun, just like me. I always compare my sun/Mercury/Venus combo with four old guys who share that exact combo with me: Jared Leto, Justin Trudeau, Ricky Martin and Wilson Cruz. Is that combination something that helps a guy age gracefully? Or is it something that endows an individual with the tools to take care of himself as he ages?

It’s something to look into. Maybe I’ve discovered the astrological fountain of youth! And for those of you who don’t share this planetary configuration, I would like to express my deepest condolences . . .

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