Michael Jackson & Bubbles (source: Twitter)

I’ve got Mars square my natal sun today. It’s making me irritable. In fact, the headline on my computer-generated horoscope on the Astrodienst website is “Irritablity.”

I guess that I should be glad that Mars is currently moving quickly through the zodiac. When the planet stations on this same degree in November at the end of its upcoming retrograde cycle, I’m going to have to deal with about a month of this bullshit. On the bright side, Venus enters my first house in the middle of November just before Mars goes direct. That should stop me from wanting to kill you all.

Anyway, I would like to ask everyone to leave me alone today, like Michael Jackson once did in his song called “Leave Me Alone.” I need to practice for November. On that note, does anyone have a chimp I can borrow?

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