J-Lo & Tom Ford (source: Lifestyle Asia)

Just the other day on Twitter, I made an observation that my superiority complex seems to be activated almost the moment the sun enters my tenth house. Scrolling through posts that I’ve made on this blog over the past four years confirms that fact. Even while I was writing about Jennifer Lopez’s birthday a couple of years ago, I went way over the top with my own egomaniacal shtick.

Fortunately, goofing around about stuff like that isn’t lost on everyone on social media. Most of the people with whom I correspond understand it. There are a few, however, who can’t take a joke. That wouldn’t bother me if they weren’t joined by legions of similarly intellectually-challenged individuals who believe that their own futile brand of social justice is best-delivered in the comments section.

I normally don’t have time for fucking idiots, but when the sun is transiting my tenth house, I REALLY DON’T HAVE TIME FOR FUCKING IDIOTS.

I associate the tenth house and the sign of Capricorn with status. I suppose that’s why a Capricorn guy like me suddenly feels as if I’m above it all when the sun enters that part of my chart. I use the Placidus house system, and it’s feels like someone has flipped a switch when the sun exits my ninth house. I become remarkably self-assured in my innate snobbery, like Tom Ford or Jennifer Lopez. I don’t mean that as an insult.

Anyway, I wonder if other people feel the same way during tenth house transits, or if this feeling is something that only Capricorns have in common? If you have any insight on this matter, let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media accounts.

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