Robbie Turner (source: Channel Guide)

July 27 is Robbie Turner’s birthday.

It’s also Joslyn Fox’s birthday. So, what else do these two queens have in common besides their zodiac sign? That’s right . . . bad wigs.

I’ve been rewatching old “Drag Race” episodes throughout the COVID-19 lockdown and thinking about how many of the queens represent the conclusions I’ve made about their sun signs in both of my books about fashion astrology. It’s kind of cool when a couple of them share not only a birthday, but also a characteristic that confirms my beliefs. Unfortunately, these two don’t do anything to make my readers believe that Leo is the “wig sign.”

On the bright side, plenty of Leo queens have come to slay the competition in wigs that scream “Leo!” Honey Davenport may have underwhelmed both the fans and the judges on her season of the show, but she represented her fellow lions well in the zodiac runway challenge. It’s really the one thing that I’m always going to remember about her short-lived appearance on the show. Other Leos who never disappointed me with their hairstyles include Alexis Matteo, Manila Luzon, Kameron Michaels and Kim Chi. Kim Chi even won a challenge in a lion outfit made of wigs. Robbie Turner was eliminated on the same season in a bad wig and a lion outfit that failed to impress the judges.

If Robbie Turner ever gets the chance to return to the show, I’m sure that she will have upped her game. Leo natives might be stubborn, but they’re also vain. They’re also the type of queens who return to “Drag Race” with something to prove. I can’t imagine that Robbie Turner would ever allow Michelle Visage to clock her hair line again.

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