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My Vegas trip is only seven weeks away. During the last new moon, I resolved to get my weight down a bit before my vacation. That resolution proved to be futile because all I did was eat for the last month or so. I can thank my lucky stars that I didn’t fatten up, though, because I’m so active this time of year.

Anyway, Thursday’s new moon in Leo occurs in my tenth house of self-discipline. A Leo new moon should have me focusing on my ego and its relation to my physical appearance. Maybe I’ll be finally be able to drop a few pounds. I really don’t have much to lose. If I weighed five pounds less than I do right now I would consider myself to be within range of my so-called “goal weight.”

I am hopeful for a few reasons. My stress level at work will begin to go down today now that my supervisor is back from his vacation. I won’t be filling so many holes in the schedule that were not my responsibility to fill. I’m also sleeping really well lately. Waking up feeling good in the morning makes a world of difference for me and the way that I deal with whatever fate has to deal me throughout the day. I’m also feeling pretty good about my body. I might not be parading around in a Speedo, but I feel fantastic for my age. I have absolutely nothing to complain about!

I’m also hopeful because this new moon is absolutely unafflicted. It occurs at a degree that makes it a total outlier in my chart. While it would be great to have it on a degree where it forms positive aspects with other planets, having it in a place where it is far from forming any aspects whatsoever makes me feel as if this is a chance to grab a hold of my own destiny.

I know that I shouldn’t beat myself up over such superficial concerns, but I do: I’m a Capricorn with Libra rising! For that reason, a Leo new moon in my tenth house should provide me with a terrific starting point for a vanity project like this. So, I’m going to try to use this cosmic event as a launching pad for a more disciplined approach to my diet. I’ve got my workout regime in order, and my activity level is high enough to make me sleep like a baby at night. Now I just have stop eating everything in sight.

There’s no time like the present — or at least there will be no time like present on Thursday. And this time I’ve got the stars on my side! Or at least I think I do . . .

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    It’s six weeks later, and I actually dropped a few pounds! If it wasn’t for a month-long heatwave that made me especially lazy, I might have lost even more weight. Anyway, I’m feeling terrific. With the weather cooling down, I’m going to expect this trend to continue.


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