Traffic Light (source: Winnipeg Free Press)

Transiting Mercury opposes my natal Mars today. My horoscope on offers a rather blunt description of the brief aspect:

“Under this influence you feel like telling everyone you encounter exactly what you think of them, whether or not it is flattering. You are likely to be in a combative mood, which may cause other people to start a fight. Quite often this combativeness is well buried in your subconscious mind, and the only way you know it is there is because people seem to come out of the woodwork to start an argument. You may feel like the totally innocent victim of someone else’s aggressiveness, and it may appear that way to a neutral observer, but nevertheless you have been sending out hostile signals at a very subtle level. At this time it is better to be conscious of your feelings of aggression, hostility and resentment toward others than to try to ignore them. At least you will have some control over them.”

I’m not surprised that I’m sending out “hostile signals” lately. With both the sun and Mercury in my tenth house, I’m feeling quite confident in my own superiority and rather unsympathetic towards people who want to waste my time with their incessant neediness. Someone’s got to be the grown up! Someone’s got to take charge!

I honestly don’t mind this feeling because it is 100% authentic. I’m letting my Capricorn sun shine through while giving my Libra ascendant a break. The mask of civility is still there because it is an undeniable facet of my character, but the condescension that comes with being a Capricorn with the sun in his tenth house is something I cannot hide. Having the sun in Leo only exacerbates my feelings of supremacy. This is the time of the year when I look down at everyone from the top of the mountain. If that is obvious to everyone else because I’m giving off “hostile signals,” so what? No one knows better than me that I’m not Mary Fucking Sunshine.

On the bright side, this is a short-lived aspect. By the time I return to work tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be ready to put on my smiley face again while I deal with a bunch of babies who can’t do anything for themselves . . .

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