With Chiron’s retrograde phase beginning today, I was curious to reread what I had written about the asteroid just a couple of months ago. Curiously, I have been forced to confront my fear of rejection as I submitted a pitch to my old agent. I guess I’ll see how this all turns out when Chiron makes its retrograde pass over this same point in early September.

Star Struck Style

“The Centaur Chiron Instructing Achilles” (source: Fine Art America)

I noticed that the asteroid Chiron is getting very close to forming an exact square with my natal sun, so I had a look at “Café Astrology” to see what sort of short-form interpretation the site had to offer. I typically prefer to visit “Café Astrology” over most other astrology websites because the author of the posts quickly gets to the point. If nothing else, the site is succinct. Of course, it also contains a wealth of knowledge. I wouldn’t visit it if I didn’t like it.

For that reason, I was surprised to discover a long-winded passage that includes a blanket interpretation of some aspects including conjunctions, squares and oppositions, stating that those aspects . . . “act to uncover fears and wounds with regards to our ego and our life path. We discover our ‘weaknesses’ in the foundation…

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