Good Stuff (source: Discogs)

I’ve got a lot of good stuff happening in my chart right now.

Sometime today, transiting Saturn will make a retrograde trine to my natal Jupiter. Tomorrow, transiting Uranus will form a trine with my natal Pluto. Furthermore, my progressed sun in now only two minutes away from an exact conjunction with my natal Saturn, and both the sun and Mercury have entered my tenth house: a place where I feel as if I’m at the top of my game personally and professionally.

With all this good stuff going on, I’m expecting something to happen at my place of work. Twice last week, people I trust let me know that changes in the management structure were being discussed. That makes me happy because I would really like to exert more control over my environment. If I did, things would be better for everyone. I have no doubt that I would bring order to chaos. It’s a talent of mine.

I also have a pitch being shopped around the publishing business by my old agent. I never thought that I would write those words again because I felt as if I was in a creative drought (especially as transiting Saturn formed conjunctions with my natal sun and IC a couple of years ago). I went from writing a 100,000-word book just for fun to struggling to write a daily blog post. With the progressed sun now on top of my natal Saturn, I feel as if I’m back to my old self. I not only have creative ideas running through my head once again, but I also have no problem publishing them for the world to see. My confidence in my ability to express myself has returned.

While I haven’t done a deep dive into what else the rest of 2022 has in store for me, I do know that the effects of all of the aspects I mentioned above are going to be influencing me for quite some time. So, instead of looking ahead to see when the universe might throw a wrench into my plans, I’m just going to try to live in the moment for a while.

Bring on the good stuff!

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