Venus moves into Cancer tonight where it will remain for just under four weeks. I’m going to be in a similar place as I was when I wrote this post a couple of years ago. Along with yesterday’s planetary ingresses into my tenth house, I’m already plotting how to be more productive around my home so that I can make my life easier and more enjoyable in the long run.

Star Struck Style

bf4d9900-5c0a-4584-a1c7-6c134c5e5400_570Details of Renaissance Paintings by Andy Warhol (source: MutualArt)

Venus moves into Cancer this morning where I live.

The planet has been in Gemini since the beginning of April. While it’s been transiting that sign, I’ve been trying to allow myself to be more spontaneous while taking advantage of the freedom that being temporarily unemployed allows me. As I’ve mentioned a million times before on this blog, I can be a slave to routine. It’s easier for someone like me (a Capricorn with Venus as the ruler of my Libra ascendant) to break free from a routine when Venus is speeding through the sign of Gemini.

However, Venus’ retrograde phase in that sign means that the planet has been there for about as long as it can be in a single sign. Now I feel as if I need to welcome a change from all the changes I’ve recently…

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