Adele Dazeem (source: Stereogum)

The sun and Mercury are in cazimi tomorrow.

Cazimi is a Latinized version of an Arabic term that roughly translates to “in the heart of” something. I don’t really use the word that much because I prefer to use the much simpler phrase “exact conjunction.” I do like to say the word, though, because it sort of rolls off the tongue like “calzone” or “Adele Dazeem.”

Anyway, the conjunction happens just minutes away from my midheaven in my tenth house. It should be a good day for me professionally, and it should help to usher in a good five weeks for me professionally. My tenth house is about 35° wide, so once the sun enters that part of my chart, it’s there for a while.

Conjunctions between the sun and Mercury are actually quite common. There are six of them in 2022, so that means that they are half as common as new moons or full moons, but a little more common than eclipses. For that reason, there is no reason to interpret the conjunctions as monumental, life-changing events unless they are personalized in the horoscope. In this instance, the proximity of the conjunction to my midheaven makes this the one cazimi of 2022 that should demand my attention.

I have been focused upon self-discipline over the past few weeks because it has been a challenge for me to be as disciplined as I prefer to be. What I would like to get out of this short-lived event is a cosmic kick in the pants that would allow me to be more disciplined without even trying. To be honest, that’s a normal state of affairs for me, but when I’ve got a lot of planets in my ninth house, maintaining self control can be a problem. For lack of a better word, I feel scattered when my ninth house is the busiest part of my chart. It’s harder for me to juggle all the things I’ve got going on at once.

So, the shift to my tenth house should be a positive one — never mind that the conjunction of these two planets happens shortly after they conjoin my midheaven. It’s a message from the cosmos that I should be at the top of my game right now.

I already believe that I’m going to be! This must be what it feels like to be Adele Dazeem . . .

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