Star Struck Style

kim-alexisKim Alexis (source: FMD)

July 15 is Kim Alexis’ birthday.

I’d love to write a blog that wasn’t all about me, but that ain’t gonna happen. Every time I explore the horoscope of a celebrity, I say to myself “I wonder if we would get along?” I can’t help myself! Nevertheless, exploring the astrological reasons for both my affinities and my biases makes me a better astrologer, right? Right?

Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind when I looked up Kim Alexis’ chart was “Whoa! I don’t think that she would like me!” We have a few cardinal points highlighted through oppositions and squares in our natal charts, and a couple of other planets in positions that would be considered to be hostile to one another. The last time I looked at a chart that seemed so averse to mine was when I was writing a profile…

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