Kim Alexis (source: FMD)

July 15 is Kim Alexis’ birthday.

I’d love to write a blog that wasn’t all about me, but that ain’t gonna happen. Every time I explore the horoscope of a celebrity, I say to myself “I wonder if we would get along?” I can’t help myself! Nevertheless, exploring the astrological reasons for both my affinities and my biases makes me a better astrologer, right? Right?

Anyway, the first thing that came to my mind when I looked up Kim Alexis’ chart was “Whoa! I don’t think that she would like me!” We have a few cardinal points highlighted through oppositions and squares in our natal charts, and a couple of other planets in positions that would be considered to be hostile to one another. The last time I looked at a chart that seemed so averse to mine was when I was writing a profile of Vicki Gunvalson — and I know I don’t like her!

It really doesn’t matter, though, whether or not Kim Alexis and I would get along because that’s not how the world works. I don’t expect to have affinities with everyone. Sometimes my Libra ascendant briefly convinces me that we should all be friends, but then my Capricorn sun and Cancer moon slap me across the face and say “Get real!”

I can see Kim Alexis and I sharing a very similar work ethic and a pragmatic approach to the way we deal with people that we don’t like. With her Cancer sun and Aries moon, I don’t imagine that she’s a very impractical person. If she doesn’t like someone, she simply doesn’t enter into relationships with them. Even without a time of birth to determine her rising sign, I can see from her horoscope that she is not a sucker for punishment. People with a cardinal sun and a cardinal moon rarely are.

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