Lunar Eclipse (source:

The upcoming SuperDuperMoon Eclipse of July 16 is on my mind.

Like every other eclipse that’s happened in the age of social media, the terrible astrologers of Twitter and YouTube have been blowing this one out of proportion like it’s some cataclysmic event that will have generational repercussions. I don’t recall if this one has been called a super moon eclipse, or a blood moon eclipse, or something else that makes it seem like a once-in-a-lifetime event, but I’ve chosen to designate it the SuperDuperMoon Eclipse because of the way it affects my chart personally. I know, right?

Anyway, this eclipse happens only 9″ away from my MC/IC axis. Just as the sun moves into my tenth house (an event I’ve been waiting for because of my current employment situation), the moon enters my fourth house, forming an opposition. Relatively speaking, this eclipse isn’t all that close to the nodal axis. However, the nodes themselves are exactly square my ascendant/descendant axis at the time of the eclipse, with the north node at the top of my chart in the ninth house and the south node at the bottom in my third house.

With both axes in my natal chart highlighted in this manner, this eclipse is going to be of super-duper importance to me. That’s why I’ve been playing a waiting game for the past couple of weeks regarding my professional prospects. Everything in the sky has been telling me to be patient, so I have been patient. After Tuesday, I’m going to need to find something else to do. On the bright side, opportunities to prove my worth should be plentiful throughout the summer. I have a very cardinal personality, and the fact that this eclipse highlights the cardinal points of my chart bodes well for me. The tension of the north node squaring my ascendant makes me believe that I will be able to take my fate into my own hands — a very cardinal approach to the event.

So here’s hoping that this SuperDuperMoon Eclipse is going to be as super-duper as I expect it to be. A change will do me good.

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