Time (source: pexels.com)

I have a deadline on Friday. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a deadline for a writing project, so I’m sort of excited. I’m already finished my submission, but I’m going to wait until tomorrow to submit it because that’s when it’s astrologically auspicious to put my name on a project.

I came to that conclusion because Venus just entered my ninth house, joining the sun and Venus there. Tomorrow morning, the moon will move into my first house. That’s typically a good time for anyone to put their best foot forward. Not long after that ingress occurs, Venus forms a trine with my ascendant: an aspect that should make me and my endeavors appealing to my audience. Finally, the sun opposes my natal sun tomorrow, bringing my personal affairs to a climax.

I know that some people would avoid doing something of this nature during their annual solar opposition, but it actually seems like a good time to deal with a project of this nature. My horoscope on astro.com describes the transit as follows:

“The energies in your life are reaching a culmination now. This is the time to try to bring your affairs to a climax, but do not expect to escape opposition from other people, for others have ambitions that may be in conflict with yours. Even with those aspects of your life that have been working out well and are now reaching a climax, you are not yet past the critical point. To achieve is one thing, but to incorporate these achievements into your life and make them part of your personal growth is something else. You have built structures and organized your life in various ways, and now you will experience the consequences of these structures as they begin to react and influence your life. Yet you still have the creative power to determine how your own creations will recreate you.”

The last line of this passage resonates with me because it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a surge in my creative power (I’ve been complaining about feeling uninspired for months and months on this blog). However, I have felt back to my old self while working on this project. Curiously, my progressed sun is only four minutes away from forming a once-in-a-lifetime conjunction with my natal Saturn in my fifth house of creativity. I can suddenly see how my work ethic, creative talent and good timing are all coming together.

I felt the opposite way when transiting Saturn was conjoining my third house natal sun not too long ago. That was a wet blanket on my creativity. Not long after that aspect occurred, Saturn also conjoined my IC, hovering near the bottom of my chart for what seemed like an eternity, thwarting my ambition.

Anyway, I’m feeling as if my timing is right, and I’m glad that I didn’t force my creativity when I just wasn’t feeling it. With a deadline looming in a couple of days, I’m not stressed out at all because I truly believe that the stars are on my side. The timing just feels right to me.

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