Resentment (source:

My seventh house is split almost evenly between Aries and Taurus. Early this morning, Mars moved from Aries into Taurus.

I’m going to pay attention to this shift to see if I hold onto resentment as much now that the red planet is in a sign that mutes its influence. I’ve spent the last few weeks holding a grudge against a few coworkers of mine whose behavior has impacted my life quite profoundly. The problem is that I am 100% sure that none of them considered how their actions would affect me.

I would expect that Mars’ transit through the part of my chart associated with relationships would create some tension. Because that sector of my horoscope is where Mars is at its most powerful, I can understand why my feelings of resentment are heightened. I can also anticipate that I’ll be able to let those feelings go now that Mars has moved into a place where it is much less powerful.

I hope so! I’m ready to go on stress leave just to put everyone else in the same position that they put me in. I’m kidding, of course! I’m not a selfish asshole . . .

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