Star Struck Style

29vanburen-videoSixteenByNine1050-v2Dear Abby & Ann Landers (source: NYT)

July 4 is the birthday of identical twins Ann Landers and Dear Abby.

In “Star Struck Style,” I tell a story about Ann Landers and Dear Abby, and how even though I was a kid, I knew that I was born to be a fashion critic because I would look at photos of the famous twins and wonder why they continued to wear their hair in styles that looked as if they were donning helmets.

The association between the sign of Cancer and the notion of “helmet head” is a strong one. Remember the other Landers sisters, Audrey and Judy? Audrey is a Cancer and Judy is a Libra. Of course, I could easily tell them apart because Audrey was the one with the helmet head, while Judy tended to wear her hair in a longer, looser style. Audrey also seemed more…

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