“Dollar Sign” by Andy Warhol (source: Sotheby’s)

The sun conjoined my north node earlier this week. I took a cue from that transit and made my intentions known to the big boss at my place of employment. I let him know that I’m ready and eager to step into a role that would allow me to take on more responsibility. The north node has a connection with fate and the conjunction occurred in my Karmic eighth house. Believe me when I say that the organization that employs me owes me a big Karmic debt.

Today, Venus will conjoin my part of fortune in my seventh house of partnerships. Like my perception of the north node, I don’t necessarily put a lot of faith into how this point in my horoscope will affect me when it is activated by transiting planets. While I can understand how the points are used in chart interpretation and character analysis, I have never really been convinced that they can be used to predict events.

Nevertheless, I’m always open-minded about obscure astrological influences because there are so many factors to consider. For that reason, I was dumbfounded to be contacted by my former agent’s assistant yesterday about a potential writing project. It literally came out of the blue.

All of this happening during a week when I can actually see my financial situation improving intrigues me. I not only can sense that there is a new professional path forward opening up for me, but I can also sense that my actions in the past are about to pay dividends in the future.

I don’t want to make this all about money because I’m really not the sort of person whose well-being is dependent upon his personal wealth. Still, the idea that my job might become more lucrative paired with the notion that my side-hustle as an astrology writer might be revived delights me in ways that I can barely describe.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

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