Unique Talent (source: lolwhat.com)

I’ve got an interesting week ahead of me. I’ve got four shifts left until I go on a week-long vacation from work. However, some things are going on behind the scenes at my place of employment, and I may need to make myself available during that time. I could possibly get interviewed for another position.

Curiously, the sun will cross over my eighth-house north node midweek. The website 12andus.com tells me “You will likely feel more confident than usual and opportunities that require some faith and risk . . . fall into place for you.” It also mentions my “unique talents.” I suppose that being good at everything does make me unique!

There is a Karmic component to eighth-house transits, and the north node can indicate where an individual strives to be at their best. Because I’ve given so much to the organization where I work, I feel as if I’m owed a Karmic debt. Nevertheless, I’ve never asked for special treatment from anyone there since I began working for them. I’ve just allowed my work to speak for itself.

Yet I might take a risk and actually declare my intentions to the higher powers during this transit. By the end of the week, transiting Venus will conjoin my Part of Fortune, making me an even more-appealing candidate for a promotion. My subsequent absence will let everyone know just how difficult it is to live without me. If I have a unique talent for anything, it’s for keeping everything from falling apart.

So, I’m even more optimistic about my career prospects now that I’ve noticed that these annual astrological events are about to occur. And if nothing comes from them, I’ve got a whole week away from work to get over it. I can spend my vacation working on all my other unique talents. Someday soon they are going to get me somewhere . . .

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