Boxing (source: Film Daily)

I just realized that I’m not going to be working when Mars conjoins Jupiter in Aries late next week. I’m taking a vacation at exactly the right time.

The two planets will meet in the first few degrees of Aries where this conjunction should be quite powerful. I expect people to be taking big swings at one another for a few days. However, not many of the punches will land. I would not be surprised to see many individuals with an inflated sense of self-worth getting into fights with people who are better-equipped to deal with brute force.

Personally, I’m going to have to be a little careful on May 28: my last day at work before my vacation. Other than that, I should be okay. The conjunction squares my natal moon, so just as long as I avoid humanity in general, I should be able to remain on my best behavior. My challenge will be to not take anything personally that may happen that day at work. That means that I’m going to need to put on my stone-faced, signature Capricorn look of complete disinterest while dealing with whatever comes my way. Appearing unbothered might be difficult for me, but I can usually get away with it. I’ve had a lifetime to reconfigure my resting bitchface into something that appears more detached than anything else. And detachment will be my secret weapon while this conjunction is causing everyone else to walk into the world fists-first. If I appear to be acting defensively, I’ll just attract those show-offs who are eager to put on a offense.

Preparing to remove myself from society at this time was a prescient choice, even though I didn’t see it coming. I’ve probably saved myself a whole lot of trouble.

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