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Looking back through my previous posts, I’ve written about Mars’ transit through my sixth house a couple of times before. The first time I was unemployed and the next time I was underemployed. With the red planet revisiting the part of my chart associated with my career, I thought that I would look into the transit again to see what I can expect over the next four weeks. “Café Astrology” offers the following advice:

“You have more energy for work and your daily routines tend to speed up during this transit. Perhaps you have a larger workload than usual. It’s a great time to take charge of your health. You have much energy at your disposal to pick up (or step up) a health and physical activity program. It might be hard for you to work with others in a harmonious manner during this transit, and disputes with co-workers are possible. If you are feeling especially angry, frustrated, or restless, it would be wise to find little projects and things to do so that you can channel excess energy constructively. If health is affected, fevers or infections are more likely.”

What’s interesting about this transit is that it is occurring a day after Venus’ transit into my seventh house where my ability to get along with others is actually enhanced. Nevertheless, I actually have a week of vacation booked smack dab in the middle of this four-week period so that I can focus my energy on getting my yardwork caught up. For me, that’s a constructive use of my time because it includes the physical activity my job often lacks (even though I work in a gym).

Getting away from my place of employment will also keep me away from some of my coworkers who don’t exactly pull their own weight. As the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I can’t be annoyed by people when I don’t even know what they’re doing, right? And when I get back to work, the big changes that I alluded to yesterday will likely be announced so that I can start making plans about my own future with the organization that employs me.

It’s all working out! A couple of months ago I was itching for a change, professionally speaking. However, my instincts told me to hold on a little longer just in case Jupiter’s big promises to me turned out to be full of hot air. My instincts were right. Soon, I could be a position that makes me feel as if I’m not just part of a team, but the reason that the team exists. And if I get to that place, it was because I trusted in my horoscope.

I know, right?

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