This annual aspect had literally gone exact yesterday while I was asked to come into my boss’ office to get some good news. There is much to unpack here (especially considering what I blogged about yesterday), but I need to keep my mouth shut for a little while longer.

Star Struck Style

evolution-of-cooperation (1)Cooperation (source:

Venus entered my seventh house this morning where it will remain until April 10.

Right now, Venus is in its detriment in Aries. Soon, it will shift into Taurus where it is dignified. It also behaves quite well in the seventh house because of its association with Libra.

This should help me in my job hunt. I had an interview last week that lasted a while — a good sign. The interesting thing about the interview was that I admitted to the interviewer how easy it is for people to take advantage of me. I have a terrible time saying “No!” to people. In the past, I have allowed others to prey upon my goodwill.

I’ve never been an uncooperative person, although some people would describe me that way because I do stand my ground when they make terrible decisions that affect my well-being. I could…

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